Ridgeback Trail

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IMG_0401Ridgeback Trial

Distance: 5 km circuit

Moderate 1 -2 hour walk

The entrance to the Ridgeback trail is on the Telephone Road about 1.5 km north of Quinninup.

Finding the trail

Quinninup-3Walking north of Quinninup, go past Karri Lake on the right and the new forest re-plantations on the left. After a turn in the bend at the top of the road you will eventually find a small sign post indicating a forest track called Telephone Road.

This is near the entrance to the Ridgeback trail.

This trail is much underused. In fact the original sign for the trail was lying flat on the ground and was therefore hard to find.

The trail itself is largely overgrown and the signage can be hard to follow at times. If you are persistent you will come across some beautiful and tranquil  forest scenes. There is a feeling of remoteness in places.

I love this walk.


This was a particularly good wet winter. We need more of these!

And the frogs were happy.

Along Telephone road near the Bark road turn off the frogs seemed to be in conversation with each other.

They are amusing to listen to if you have the time.