Rottnest Island

Wadjemup –  Land across the water where the spirits go.

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Rottnest Island

19 Kms across the sea from Fremantle, Western Australia.

Rottnest Ferry services are available from Perth and Fremantle.

Rottnest Island is an A Class Nature Reserve preserving flora, marine and wildlife.

Cars are not permitted on the Island and bicycles or walking are the main means of transport.

Rottnest is a place of natural attractions and healthy activities.


Rottnest is the home to the quokka, a quokkasmall marsupial with a pouch similar to Kangaroos and Wallabies. In 1696 de Vlamingh thought that quokkas were “a kind of rat as big as a common cat” and he named the Island ‘Rotte nest’ (meaning ‘rat’s nest’).

The traditional and Indigenous name for Rottnest is Wadgemup.

After colonization Rottnest was used for a time as a prison for convicted Aboriginals. These convictions were often only for very petty crimes.  The conditions on the Island have been quoted as being horrific; ‘squalid, cramped, dank and dark’. This was a shameful period in the recent history of the Island.  A memorial centre is to be built and at least some proper respect will be paid to those who lost their lives there.


There are many walks on the Island including guided walks and bird watching walks

The Island is surrounded by beautiful and often secluded bays.

The waters around Rottnest as crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

October and November are best times to see the many humpback whales heading past Rottnest towards the Southern Ocean.

Accommodation is basic but clean. It is a safe place for children and families.There are facilities for disabled and elderly visitors. This has become a place for all people to enjoy. 019e435f9a6c1fbd7ea637179c88dd39b636d5013f

Developers want to get their hands on the Island and build 5 star hotels and resorts.

Locals do not want the Island to become a place just for the wealthy.





My mother  has Parkinson’s disease.

We have just spent a lovely week at Rottnest.

We were well looked after on the ferries and on the Island.

Mum says she felt so much better after having spent a week in such a healthy environment.

Her appetite was good, she slept well, and there was an obvious improvement in her health each day and throughout our stay.

 Rottnest is a  pristine environment and a natural wonderland.

 Highly recommended!


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Ridgeback Trail

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IMG_0401Ridgeback Trial

Distance: 5 km circuit

Moderate 1 -2 hour walk

The entrance to the Ridgeback trail is on the Telephone Road about 1.5 km north of Quinninup.

Finding the trail

Quinninup-3Walking north of Quinninup, go past Karri Lake on the right and the new forest re-plantations on the left. After a turn in the bend at the top of the road you will eventually find a small sign post indicating a forest track called Telephone Road.

This is near the entrance to the Ridgeback trail.

This trail is much underused. In fact the original sign for the trail was lying flat on the ground and was therefore hard to find.

The trail itself is largely overgrown and the signage can be hard to follow at times. If you are persistent you will come across some beautiful and tranquil  forest scenes. There is a feeling of remoteness in places.

I love this walk.


This was a particularly good wet winter. We need more of these!

And the frogs were happy.

Along Telephone road near the Bark road turn off the frogs seemed to be in conversation with each other.

They are amusing to listen to if you have the time.