Examples of places to go and gain valuable FBIO Points

Maximize your intake of Natural Oils, Negative Ions and Excellent Bacteria!!

FBIO POINTS GUIDE (this is subjective and only a guide);

Man made natural habitats (gardens and parks): 0 – 250

Natural surroundings in urban areas (rivers and lakes):  250 – 500

Natural surroundings in pristine areas 500 – 2,000

Natural surroundings in remote areas 2000 –

100 A walk around the block

Lunch in the garden

200 A walk in the park

Watering the garden

A visit to the nursery

250 An hour or two gardening

A walk by the beach or river

Walk or Bike to work via significant waterways and/or parklands

500 A bush walk

A swim in the sea

A walk in a forest

Rowing on the river

A hike in the hills

A Workout in Natural surroundings

1000 Camping outdoors in the country


Trekking in remote areas
  ??? Any experiences, please let us know??

The concept is;

the more you accumulate the better you can deal with stresses and toxicities of city life!

 Frequent Bio Points (for health) are an alternative to Frequent Flyer Points (for consuming).