Orchid Trail

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Orchid Trail

Distance: 5 km circuit

Easy 1 -2 hour walk

The entrance to the Orchid Trail is off Karri Lane 1.5 kms East of Quinninup.





Singing Australian Magpies

MaggieOn my way to Karri Lane I came across a clan of magpies living near the town’s park on the edge of the forest. Sitting down at one of the picnic tables I turned my sound recorder up high to try and capture the magpies caroling in the trees tops. To my surprise a curious magpie* flew down, hopped up onto the table and started to talk into the microphone. It blew the recording meter right off the scale!  Luckily I managed to save most of the recording. You can hear him from about 0.48 (volume has been reduced).



The orchid walk is a delightful walk and well marked.

The entrance is off Karri Lane and across a small footbridge. It is not long before you will enjoy some beautiful forest scenery.

Taking this trail in mid-winter we unfortunately didn’t spot any orchids.



 Spring would be the best time for wildflowers and orchids.

I can imagine this walk would be most spectacular then.

Orchard Walk-6

 In season the Orchid walk features many of the species such as the Spider, Helmet, Hammer, Snail and Bird Orchids.

In any case the forest  was still impressive with varied foliage throughout the walk including banksia, hakea, grevillea, dryandra and a variety of  fungi.

Orchard Walk-5

Overall very satisfying and not too arduous.


Orchard Walk-2

*Footnote: Magpies Alert; Magpies can swoop! Usually only in Springtime to protect their young.

My cousins from Cornwall loved our Australian Magpies. I did too. I couldn’t resist sampling their song to introduce a little piano piece I wrote last year.